S uměním proti AIDS

Divácky úspěšný taneční muzikál Libora Vaculíka Freddie – The King of Queen mapuje životní a uměleckou dráhu zpěváka kapely Queen, Freddieho Mercuryho, který se stal jedno...

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QUEENIE is based on the accurate and the authentic concept of songs of Queen, in high quality and costumes of Queen‘s time period. They define a genre in which they perform as the Concert Theatre. All songs are played live in the original key and with authentic instruments, what makes difference from many other bands from this music field. Their own sound engineer makes single music detail sound perfect and takes maximum from the authentic instruments. Thanks to a very professional approach, band is highly requested performer at various events (rock concerts, festivals, firm gala, private parties etc.). Since their establishment in 2006, they performed hundreds of concerts accros whole Europe and Asia.

" QUEENIE – world Queen tribute band represents European top genre. "