Queenie reveal their new logo

As the new show QUEEN RELIVED is getting ready to take place at O2 arena, we are also presenting the new Queenie band‘s logo.

We approached one of the best graphic designers in the Czech Republic, Marek Motalík (marekmotalik­.com), with the request to create us a unique logo that the fans could associate with our band.

In order for our logo to have the proper „royal“ spirit, we were looking for references which would be characteristic of our country and which would travel the world with us. We had a lot of ideas and it took us a while to put everything together according to our visions.

We set ourselves the task of bringing together the history of the Czech lands, local myths, culture and national symbols. That‘s why our logo features i.a. the legendary bird Noh (Roc) in reference to Alois Jirásek and in particular to the legend of Bruncvík, the double-tailed Czech lion, linden leaves and angels typical of the Czech Baroque. However, it does not lack the Red Special or the legendary mic „stick“ either.

We are thrilled about the logo, Marek Motalík is a genius! We hope you will be as happy about it as we are.