In the Leading Role

Michael Kluch

alias Freddie Mercury

They define their field as concert theater and have performed over a thousand concerts across several continents in their career. For the musical FREDDIE by Karel Janák at the Radek Brzobohatý's Theater, with QUEENIE in the lead role, leader Michael Kluch was honored with a nomination for the Thalia Award. With great humility, they accepted an invitation to perform at the official birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, and viewers may remember them from live broadcasts as semifinalists on Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent.

Musical Education

Music Studio TOWEN


  • SHURE QLXD24/sE Electronics V7 MC1
  • 2x sE Electronics V7 BFG


  • TC-Helicon
  • VoiceLive 3 EXTREME

Electric Guitar

  • Fender Standard Telecaster - arctic white

Digital Piano

  • Yamaha CLP 535 PE


  • Main-role in the musical RENT (Jonathan Larson) - Theater Na Prádle/Theater Kalich
  • Main-role in the musical Touha (Mirjam and Daniel Landa) - Theater Kalich
  • Title-role in the musical Freddie: The King of Queen (Libor Vaculík, Petr Malásek, Václav Kopta) - Chamber Theater Pilsen/New Theater Pilsen/Theater Hybernia
  • Title-role in the monodrama Posledná noc Freddie Mercuryho (Milo Mojžíš) - Slovakia
  • The band Queen 2 (Berlin) - Germany
  • Role of Freddie Mercury in Sunday Night Fever (L. S. Fischerová, J. Kraus, P. Čejka) - City theater in Most/Theater Hybernia
  • Title-role in the musical Freddie (Karel Janák) - Radek Brzobohatý's Theater, for which Michael Kluch was nominated for the Thalia Award (the Czech equivalent of the Tony Award)

And how do I perceive the role of the frontman in a Queen tribute band? As far as I'm concerned, it's not easy to take on Freddie's position. It's not just about expression and vocal tone. It's also about meeting the enormous expectations that I face from the audience.

Michael Kluch