Founding of Queenie

The band Queenie dates its founding to February 2nd, 2006, when the members first assembled in full lineup. Since the inception, great emphasis has been placed on the most authentic visual and musical portrayal of their inspirations, Queen. One of the main aspects of this philosophy is the fact that Queenie performs all songs 100% live and in the original keys - a rule they still adhere to today.

The founding members were frontman and lead vocalist Michael Kluch and drummer Michal Novák.

First Performance at Vagon

In 2007, specifically on October 7th, Queenie performed for the first time at the Vagon club in Prague. Thus began a more than decade-long era during which Queenie regularly performed at this well-known and distinctive venue every month, making Vagon Music Pub & Club their home stage.

Martin Binhack Joins Queenie

In May 2008, Martin Binhack joined Queenie as the bass guitar player.

Freddie Mercury Montreux Memorial Day

On September 6, 2008, Queenie were invited by Mr. Peter Freestone, long-time personal assistant to Freddie Mercury, to perform as the main act at the Freddie Mercury Montreux Memorial Day event - one of the most significant gatherings of Queen and Freddie Mercury fans worldwide. Queenie made history as the first Queen tribute band from the Czech and Slovak Republics to perform at this event.

Czechia Slovakia's Got Talent

In the fall of 2010, the band Queenie participated in the first season of the "Czechia Slovakia's Got Talent" competition on FTV PRIMA and TV JOJ. They advanced to the live semifinals among 56 remaining contestants out of over 5,500 applicants.

Filming of the First DVD

On November 19, 2011, the band Queenie recorded their live performance at the KD Mlejn in Prague, which was later released under the title "Celebration Of One Life" on DVD. Opera singer Tereza Mátlová joined Queenie as a guest to perform the duet "Barcelona". The entire concert took place as part of the fan event "Remembering Queen", where Queenie, among other things, met Freddie Mercury's sister - Mrs. Kashmira Cooke.

Queenie and the Olympic Leuven

On February 16, 2012, Queenie performed in the Belgian city of Leuven as part of the promotion for the Summer Olympic Games alongside Belgian sports representatives.

Rudy Neumann Joins Queenie

In September 2014, Rudy Neumann joined Queenie as the guitar player. He is, among other things, also one of the founding members of the famous Czech metal band Dymytry.

Queenie in Scandinavia

Queenie has been achieving great success during their annual regular tours in Scandinavia. A special event took place on March 27, 2015, in Sweden, where Queenie performed to a sold-out audience at the famous historic concert hall in the Aula of Uppsala University. This venue hadn't hosted a rock concert since 1969 when Led Zeppelin performed here.

The following day, Queenie showcased their show again to a sold-out audience in Stockholm at the Tyrol club, which regularly hosts performances by stars from around the world (for example Tom Jones, Tarja Turunen, the band Kansas, and many others). Interestingly, the Tyrol club is closely associated with Björn Ulvaeus, a member of ABBA, under whose patronage the show "Mamma Mia! the Party" took place here. The complex also includes the ABBA museum. Tyrol subsequently became one of Queenie's regular stops.

Queenie Starts Collaboration with Petra Alvarez

At the beginning of 2016, a long-term collaboration began with the leading Czech soprano, Mrs. Petra Alvarez, a soloist at the National Theatre in Prague and also a recipient of the Thalia Award in the opera category. This collaboration commenced at the 4th Representative Ball of the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra in Zlín, Czech Republic, where Mrs. Alvarez performed with Queenie on the song "Barcelona". Since then, Petra Alvarez has become a regular and delightful guest, adding significant enrichment to the concerts.

Michal David Joins Queenie

In March 2016, Michal David joined the band as the keyboard player. An experienced musician who has previously performed in famous Czech bands such as S.L.S., Prototyp, the legendary Mefisto, and countless other groups.

Petr Baláš Joins Queenie

In April 2017, Petr "Bali" Baláš, known for his work with bands like LOLA, Popcorn Drama, the South Bohemian production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and other projects, joined Queenie as the drummer.

Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday

On June 21, 2017, Queenie was honored to perform at the official celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's 91st birthday. The invitation was received from the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Prague.

Sold Out at the Palau de la Música Catalana

Queenie receives great acclaim from the Spanish audience as well, where they repeatedly return for tours. In Barcelona, during the year 2017, they sold out the Palau de la Música Catalana twice - the Catalan cultural landmark and a significant historical monument listed on the UNESCO list since 1997.

Queenie in Vietnam

In March 2018, Queenie performed in distant Vietnam to celebrate the grand opening of the country's first private yacht club.

The Musical "Freddie"

On April 14, 2018, the spectacular premiere of the musical "Freddie" took place at the Radek Brzobohatý's Theater in Prague. Written by director Karel Janák, the play loosely depicts the life of Freddie Mercury. The band Queenie portrayed the main roles of the individual members of Queen, providing live musical accompaniment to this two-and-a-half-hour performance. Besides Queenie, other roles were played by actors such as Jiří Korn, Simona Postlerová, and Rudolf Hrušínský Jr. Michael Kluch was recognized for his performances in the role of Freddie Mercury with a narrow nomination for the Thalia Award in the musical category.

Record-Breaking Sellout at Madam Felle

In September 2018, Queenie set a ticket sales record at the renowned Norwegian club Madam Felle in the city of Bergen. This achievement surpassed that of famous artists such as Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Alcatrazz), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Nick Moss, Dan Baird, The Posies, and even the prominent local musician Jan Eggum.

Montreux Jazz Festival

In July 2019, Queenie performed at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland alongside stars such as Elton John, Sting, Tom Jones, Janet Jackson, Bobby McFerrin, ZZ Top, Slash, and Quincy Jones. The festival, founded in 1967, attracts around 250,000 attendees annually. Queenie became the first Czech interpreter to perform at this festival, appearing as the headlining act on the newly opened "floating" stage, Rock Boat.

Queenie in the Maldives

Throughout their history, Queenie has traveled to numerous countries with their concerts, including those outside of Europe. As part of the New Year's Eve celebrations in 2019, Queenie was invited to a truly remote destination - the Maldives archipelago. On January 3, 2020, they experienced performing directly on the Equator for the first time.

Queenie Has Their Own Beer

Since the summer of 2020, Queenie has had their own brand of beer with the same name. The idea was born in the mind of Ondřej Vrkoč, the owner of the Panaczech brewery, who then approached the band and his head brewer, David Nedoma. Together, they created this special 10° beer, combining traditional English and Czech brewing methods and ingredients. The result is a bottom-fermented beer with attributes of top-fermented ALE beer with Plzeň yeast, Žatec hops, English malt, and a royally golden color. The beer, with its unique characteristics, reflects the close relationship between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, just like Queenie does.

The Show Must Go Home

During the peak of the worldwide pandemic, when concerts were mostly impossible to hold, and even the mammoth project Queen Relived in Prague's O2 Arena had to be repeatedly postponed, Queenie decided to play a special online concert for their fans on April 9, 2021. A large hall was rented, where a portion of the planned stage for the Queen Relived megashow was installed. A comprehensive team of cameramen, sound engineers, and lighting technicians was called in for the event. Everything was prepared to give the audience the best possible feeling that they were attending the concert alongside Queenie. The broadcast also included behind-the-scenes glimpses with frontman Michael Kluch as the guide. A surprise during the concert was the performance by Mr. Leoš Mareš accompanied by Queenie. It was also a fond memory of Leoš Mareš's magnificent concerts at the O2 Arena in 2019, where Queenie, in turn, were invited to perform as guests. The entire recording of the online concert was subsequently released on DVD and Blu-ray discs under the title "The Show Must Go Home".

Queen Relived

In September 2021, Queenie produced three completely sold-out megashows at the Prague O2 Arena under the title "Queen Relived". The packed arena witnessed a magnificent audiovisual experience of global proportions for three consecutive days. Shocking pyrotechnic effects, an incredibly sharp image on the largest LCD screen ever used in the O2 Arena, a large and intricate black-and-gold stage from which two intersecting piers emerge over arched bridges. In addition to the extraordinary lighting elements, four multi-ton light blocks hovering, rotating, and tilting above the stage, creating an unforgettable play of lights and colors. A piano with stairs extends from the fifth light block and together with the frontman flies over the heads of the audience across half of the arena. This is just a fleeting description of the elaborate stage designed by the world-renowned stage designer Martin Hruška, which provided a magnificent backdrop for these concerts, lasting over two hours and filled with hits from Queen.

Bohemian Symphony

In February 2022, two extraordinary concerts took place in Ostrava at the Multifunctional Gong Auditorium, where Queenie joined forces with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra and the Permoník Concert Choir. Around 150 performers found themselves on stage at one moment, creating a unique performance of the highest quality titled "Bohemian Symphony". The orchestral and choir arrangements were composed by Jan Lstibůrek, the orchestra was conducted by Jan Kučera.

Queen Relived II

After the enormous success in 2021, Queenie decided to continue with two more Queen Relived megashows in June 2023, once again at the Prague O2 Arena and once again completely sold out. The concept of the spectacular performance was maintained, updated, and expanded with new visual elements. Behind the stage layout redesign stood Radek Havlíček and his agency Pink Panther. Alongside Queenie, guests also performed - opera diva Petra Alvarez, singer Ondřej Ruml, and the Maranatha Gospel Choir.

Achievements in Benelux

The beginnings of regular tours in the Benelux countries date back to 2017 and have always had a touch of uniqueness, because Queenie is accompanied by a large symphonic orchestra and exclusively performs in significant auditoriums. In this context with the orchestra, the song "Barcelona" must never be missing. Performed during these tours in a duet by frontman Michael Kluch and Ms. Karen Vermeiren, a Belgian opera singer who learned singing from the original interpreter Montserrat Caballé herself and obtained her direct blessing to perform this song with Queenie.

One of the highlights of their presence in Belgium occurred on September 23, 2023, in Brussels, where Queenie sold out the ING Arena with a capacity of 15,000 spectators. This proves that they know how to sell out venues with their show beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

In the Leading Role

Michael Kluch

alias Freddie Mercury

They define their field as concert theater and have performed over a thousand concerts across several continents in their career. For the musical FREDDIE by Karel Janák at the Radek Brzobohatý's Theater, with QUEENIE in the lead role, leader Michael Kluch was honored with a nomination for the Thalia Award. With great humility, they accepted an invitation to perform at the official birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, and viewers may remember them from live broadcasts as semifinalists on Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent.

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Petr "Bali" Baláš

alias Roger Taylor

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Bass Guitar

Martin Binhack

alias John Deacon

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Michal David

alias Spike Edney

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Electric Guitar

Rudy Neumann

alias Brian May

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