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Prague band caring for Queen's repertoire with more than 1400 concerts since 2006, including 5 sold out O2 arena shows (Europe's 3rd largest arena). They have performed, e.g. , at the official Queen Elizabeth II celebration, the Montreux Jazz Festival or Mercury Montreux Memorial.

Frontman Michael Kluch was nominated for a Thalia Award (Czech equivalent to Tony Award) for his performance in the musical "Freddie".

Defined as concert theatre, with their shows in original keys and arrangements, they push boundaries, representing absolute top of genre.

Summer tour 2024 tickets

Going on summer tour!

This summer we'll be going on a full-blown tour, celebrating our 18th birthday with a two-hour show of the best of us over the course of 10 shows across the country. Be a part of it with us.

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Queenie at the party with Radio Impuls!

In October, we will appear again at the O2 arena, this time as a guest of Czech party with Radio Impuls, a traditional Czech music event that will celebrate its 8th anniversary. This year, for the first time ever, world hits will be performed in the form of immortal Queen music performed by us.

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Don't know Queenie yet?

The most successful tribute band in Czech Republic

The precise rendition of songs by the legend of world rock, performed live in their original arrangements and keys, has been the reason for such immense interest from the audience. It gave rise to the supremely successful tribute band in the Czech Republic and one of the most respected tribute bands worldwide. In September 2021, their new megashow of global caliber, QUEEN RELIVED, premiered at the O2 Arena. At that time, they became the first Czech performer to sell out the O2 Arena to the very last seat.d

In the Leading Role

Michael Kluch

alias Freddie Mercury

They define their field as concert theater and have performed over a thousand concerts across several continents in their career. For the musical FREDDIE by Karel Janák at the Radek Brzobohatý's Theater, with QUEENIE in the lead role, leader Michael Kluch was honored with a nomination for the Thalia Award. With great humility, they accepted an invitation to perform at the official birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, and viewers may remember them from live broadcasts as semifinalists on Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent.

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Mercury memorial in Montreux, Switzerland

They highly value Mr. Peter Freeston's invitation to the Mercury Memorial in Montreux, Switzerland, in 2008, where 11 years later they performed as the first ever Czech band at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival.

Next public performance

The band is currently one of the most sought-after Czech performers at public and private cultural events, and goes on tour to Scandinavian and other European countries several times a year.

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„You’re only as good as your last performance.“

Freddie Mercury

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Latest news

2024 in the spirit of our 18th birthday!

Next year it will be 18 years since we named our musical ensemble "QUEENIE ". Back then, we never thought it would be possible to live to such an age or that we would even play in halls like the O2 arena Prague. But the audience's desire to enjoy the great music of QUEEN live, and in all modesty our passion and diligence, probably helped to make it happen one day. And so we thought we would put on a big concert again to celebrate such glory!

Queenie on Spotify and iTunes

You can now stream us on your favourite platforms. You will also find the song from our own garden "LET ME ", which you already know from our concerts.

Queenie at the O2 arena again in May 2023!

In September 2021, after having been postponed several times, three QUEEN RELIVED by Queenie concerts took place at O2 arena in Prague. Seeing excitement of the public, we are happy to announce one more date for this marvellous show: May 18 and 19, 2023.

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