December 1 – World AIDS Day


Today is December 1, 2012 – the month os December is beginning, which means that, besides the celebration of lighting of the Christmas tree in Prague on the Old Town Square, the World AIDS Day dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS also takes place.

If you wish, join us and contribute to the activities of the Czech AIDS Help Society, civic association, with a donor SMS in the format "DMS (space) AIDSPOMOC" to 87 777 at the price of CZK 30 (including VAT) or "DMS (space) ROK (space) AIDSPOMOC" to the number 87 777. The price in case of the latter is 12 × CZK 30 (including VAT).

Let's not forget what Freddie Mercury died from.

Nenechme zapomenout, nač umřel Freddie Mercury.

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