2011 ... START!


Yesterday we started the new year 2011 with a great show at the club which is already almost home to us – at Vagon in Prague.

The event left a wonderful impression in us and we can only say that we remain inspired and keen on playing. Hopefully this inspiration will stay with us, because we have a lot of plans ahead. The number of scheduled performances keeps growing quickly, but we do not want to stick with corporate and private parties only. We want to be closer to you and so in 2011 we will focus also on parts where we have not performed yet. That is why we carefully follow your comments and posts. Give us just a little time to organize everything. Genrally speaking, we intend to keep up the upward trend in the quality of our showa. The year 2010 was a very interesting stage in Queenie's existence, which in itself encourages us to make new goals. Thank you for your support, we look forward to more experiences in 2011!

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