Revolution in our monitoring system


Today we have started a new technological revolution in our band. We no longer enjoy being dependent, so we have decided to stand alone! :-)

What we are talking about is the monitoring system, something very important for every musician, because thanks to it the performer hears what he and his colleagues are playing on the stage.

To make things clearer, the most common form of monitoring is "repro boxes" (so-called monitors) "lying" in front of each musician. The musician will tell what and how he wants to hear from the boxes (vocals, keys, guitars, ...), and the sound engineer will send that to him from the mixing console. But it is a very inconvenient solution because depending on the changing conditions between the sound test before the concert and the performance itself (e.g. the empty room on the sound check VS full hall during the performance, different volume of the sound output to the hall from the main boxes, room acoustics, etc...), the musician will hear something different during the show (in the worst case he will hear nothing) than what was prepared at the sound check. We eliminated a lot of that already two years ago when we started using the In-Ear system – listening system not using the monitors, but getting the sounds through a transmitter straight to the earphones. Still, we were not always satisfied, because the technique was not always sufficient to guarantee the sound transmission as we imagined (e.g. sound timbre, equalizer settings, etc..), BUT above all! we ALWAYS had to go through the same process, that is, to set the sound before every concert and rely on it to stay the same in our ears and will be good. If it does not, we have to explain the needed changes to the mixer through gestures. But this is now part of the past :-)

Thanks to the technology of the American company MOVEK, we can have absolute freedom and flexibility guaranteed, because each one of us will be able to regulate what sounds in his ears and how :-)

What's special for you in that? Happier musicians, greater accuracy and significantly shorter sound checks (just plug in, everything is already stored in the memory). Of course, the sound projected to the hall must always be set. This change of ours applies only to monitoring.

You will be able to hear us using the new technology for the first time around November 29 at Vagon! Santa is visiting us even before Christmas and we look forward to it!

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