Queenie at the National Theater at the event of SC Slavia Praha's 120-year anniversary



This Sunday, the band will play at the National Theater at the gala show for SC Slavia Praha, which celebrates its 120th anniversary. The whole evening will be filmed by the Czech Television and you will be able to watch it on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 20:00 on ČT Sport. Queenie appears as the golden star at the end of the show.

edit January 28, 2013:

"It was a really busy program. We were most impressed by the 93-year-old Standa Procházka (the author of "Eternal Slavie" hymn) with his incredible energy and sense of humor, as well as by the moderator Leoš Mares. The PIRATE SWING band together with Jirka Ševčík and Ondřej Havelka Melody Makers, as well as Michal David performed too. And the rest? You will see for yourselves :-)"


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