After RENT, RENT and Touha (Desire)


Michael Kluch

In the summer of 2013, Michael appeared playing the role of the HIV-positive musician Roger Davis in the famous Broadway musical RENT, which had a Czech premiere on August 8th at the Na Prádle Theater in Prague. The musical had a great success with the Czech audience, so RENT, created in collaboration between Steve Josephson and Mirjam Landa, returns with the almost unchanged team to the Prague Kalich Theater on the 15th of March.

In addition to RENT, Michael was offered the lead role of Benedict Berousek in the Touha (Desire) musical arranged by Mirjam and Daniel Landa, which will also return to the stage of the above-mentioned theater. The new premiere can be enjoyed already on February 6, 2014! Desire is a miracle, buddy ;-)


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