All the best, Dominik!



Usually, we do not write much about private and VIP shows, we usually do not even mention them here. Still, we play about 100 concerts a year, of which a great part consists of the concerts for TOP clients.

But first of all, we would like to thank you all for the beautiful atmosphere in Vagon on Thursday! After that, on Friday evening, we played at Pepsi party in Prague, then we were honored to participate in the birthday celebration of NHL goalkeeper Dominik Hašek on Saturday, and next week a TV Nova party is waiting for us. But back to Vagon... We really appreciate your visits to this already cult Prague club and after the recently included Living On My Own, as well as the current addition of the Scandal song (for the first time with Rudy Neumann), we are going to do more! Send us your preferences :-)

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