Queenie have a new Roger! The circle is closing.


Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to inform you of a change behind the drums, namely that the band has a new member, Petr "Bali" Balas. Welcome aboard! :-)

Last year we went through two involuntary member changes, when due to health reasons we were forced to find a new keyboardist literally from one day to another and after a thorough selection process we also got a new drummer. While (believe it or not :-) ) Michal David established himself on the keyboards and the band noticed a great contribution of his participation immediately, in the case of the drums things were not that easy. After almost 10 months we ended cooperation with Gleb Chuykov. We hereby thank Gleb and wish him lots of success.

With Bali, we have already done the final Norwegian part of our spring Scandinavian tour and the way he has caught up with the rolling train is great! The following brief profile also proves the fact that he is no slouch:

"Petr Baláš has been active on the music stage for already more than 12 years. He is a graduate of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, and the drummer Václav Zima has been his long time lecturer and principal mentor, with whom he has taken private lessons. Petr is the company player of the #1 world brand of cymbals Zildjian, as well as the founder of LOLA band, with which he played for 6 years and won i.a. the Mercedes Benz Live Space Show and the Real League contest. He has participated in other projects too, such as the Tábor Superstar Band, Slovak Popcorn Drama band and others. He has also recorded a number of albums. In addition to those of the bands he played with, he also made recordings for the Sobi20, Lukrecia and Country Steel bands. Petr is also involved in pedagogical activities. He is currently preparing a video class in collaboration with Kytary.cz and his new drumming textbook will be released in the summer of 2017. He teaches at the Sezimovo Ústí Art and Music School and Želivský Art and Music School in Prague."

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