May and Taylor signed a certificate for Queenie

This May, Queenie had a great honor to accept Leoš Mareš‘s invitation to play on the stage of O2 Arena as his guests. At each of the three sold out mega concerts Queenie made a performance mapping the legendary charity show by Queen at Live AID in Wembley in 1985.

We got a great opportunity to try a super big stage. This was very useful for us, for at that time we had already had our own concerts at O2 Arena in preparation. It was a big commitment, Leoš is awesome and we couldn't afford doing something wrong,” says the band unanimously. “Since Live AID was a charity concert, we decided to donate the fee to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. It was founded after Mercury's death by the remaining Queen members and helps to fight HIV/AIDS worldwide,” adds the frontman Michael Kluch.

However, a big surprise came in December, when the band received a certificate of their donation signed by Brian May and Roger Taylor. “It made us very happy! We did not expect this at all, we were not even aware that any such certificates were ever granted. We support Freddie for a Day every year, and this time, since we were playing Live AID, there was no doubt about maintaining the charitable nature of the show. We just sent a few crowns and didn't think about it any further.”

Radio Ga Ga from the performance at Leoš Mareš‘s show:

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