Queen Relived will not take place in September nor in December



In exactly 8 days, the world premiere of the mega show Queen Relived by Queenie of the band Queenie led by Michael Kluch was supposed to take place at O2 Arena in Prague.

Up until now, despite the complicated limitations related to the coronavirus, things looked very promising. But after all, the producer, organizing team and representatives of the arena were forced to cancel these shows in both September and December! We have agreed with O2 Arena that the new dates for all three concerts will be set in exactly one year from today, namely on September 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2021.)

In the past weeks, we have had numerous and very demanding meetings with the representatives of O2 Arena, the Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic and the Prime Minister. After the presentation of detailed safety measures, everyone was willing to allow this absolutely unique show, which had already had to be rescheduled from spring, to happen this time. Thanks to the fact that the arena offers spacious premises, many entrances and separated sectors, 44-meter high ceilings and air conditioning system with the option of use without the internal circuit, we were able to propose a really safe way of organizing our performances.

The approved security measures regarding separation of the audience into sectors for up to 400 people, providing proper entrances and separating them from the staff allowed us to achieve the required attendance. But unlike at other events, there can be no standing audience during a music production. "We have 5000 people with standing-room tickets in two days and we do not want to disappoint them. We would have to arrange seats right in the floor area for 3000 of them, move some into different seated sections and send the rest home, and we really cannot do that. It would not be ethical, and neither would be seating the audience in the first rows in front of the 2-meter high stage, not to mention that a large part of our show would take place on the bridges in the center of the hall – that is, behind them. Even the compromise suggestion of dividing the standing audience into six separate groups, with a separate entrance into the hall and to the respective area for each group, did not pass. We really can't accept the option without the standing part of the audience. As even after Tuesday's meeting of the Security Council nor after the the Prime Minister’s intercession we were not allowed to have at least part of the audience in the standing section, we, together with the O2 Arena representatives, have decided to postpone the concerts to the aforementioned new dates," explains Michael Kluch, the frontman of Queenie.

Holders of tickets for May 15th, 2020 (September 11th, 2020) will enjoy the premiere of the show on September 3rd, 2021, holders of tickets for May 16th, 2020 (September 12th, 2020) will see the concert on September 4th, 2021 and holders of tickets for December 21st, 2020 will come to the show on September 5th, 2021.

"We kindly ask the audience to understand the situation, which we are not to blame for, and to remain tolerant. All other detailed information will be published on FB, IG and the website www.queenie.cz, as well as on the website of O2 Arena. Thank you for your patience and support, which we greatly appreciate, and thank you also for all the positive feedback. It means a lot to us," add the frontman Michael Kluch and the band Queenie, producer Martin Zoubek, and the team of O2 Arena.

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