We are launching our new E-Shop


At our concerts we often saw you, our fans, with handmade T-shirts. This inspired us to create our unique merchandise and, together with it, the brand by Queenie.

We could make another boring merch line with the band's logo on the chest printed over the cheapest textile on the market. But we said NO! Our goal was to create a distinctive design for clothes that you would be able to put on not only for a concert, thus supporting its great atmosphere, but also as a stylish piece for everyday wear.

This is reflected in the first edition, for which we have created a unique and original design based on the iconic colors: yellow and white.

All T-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton of the Stanley/Stella brand in fair wear workshops (cloth bags are made of 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester). Everything is screen-printed by hand thanks to raster graphics, and the multi-colored motifs can also create an optical illusion, for example when viewed through a mobile phone camera.

We have decorated our T-shirts, tank tops and cloth bags with the letter „Q“ labels woven with a golden glittering thread. Moreover, none of the merch is packed in plastic bags – we use paper boxes for sale. Our new logo is also included.

Together with the merch, we have also created a beautiful eye-catching stand, which you will find at Queenie‘s concerts and at which you will be able to buy clothes and other accessories.

By the way, have you tasted our beer yet?

Everything is available at the new E-Shop: shop.queenie.cz

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