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Great Friday at the Kalich Theater!

On the 24th November 2017, we were pleased with the sold-out performance at the Kalich Theater (Divadlo Kalich) in Prague! Thank you very much for your visit, which we very appreciate because it was exactly 26 years since Freddie Mercury left this world on his way to the musical skies and we could have celebrated together via this concert his life..

We are very happy because we introduced – for the first time – a new concept of the stage inspired by Queen's club concerts that has its own elevation and light wall from which we promise an even greater experience for you. But do not be mistaken – it's a great experience for us too!

We are looking forward to the concert on the 4th December 2017 in the same theater and the new stage will not be missed. For this performance in December we decided to change the dramaturgy and include some other songs, so those, who would like to visit us twice in Kalich, would like to come again. Our guest will be again the soloist of the National Theater – the great soprano Petra Alvarez.

The last few dozen tickets are still available on the Kalich Theater website here.

Facebook event

Queenie in the Czech Radio - the talk show "Tobogan"

On Saturday 25.11. from 11:00 we accepted the invitation of Czech Radio (Český rozhlas) to the live talk show by Aleš Cibulka „Tobogan“. In the show entitled „About the tribute bands – the best ones!“ you will be able to meet our singer Michael Kluch.

The program can be visited live in the studio, but the tickets are sold out. We hope you do not forget to tune us on a Saturday noon ;-)

Web after reconstruction

In the last month our site was under a major renovation. The new design and all the responsive features of were acquired last year, and now has come time comes for its content.

Some language versions have been removed, and the site is now only in English and Czech. We can guarantee the flexibility of the translations on our „Blog“ and, moreover, everything is now 100% translated.

It will certainly be appreciated by fans outside the Czech Republic. Among the other things we like the updated „Queen Interpretation“ section and the flags in the „Concerts“ section :-) Do you like it too?

10 years at Vagon

This October, 10 years have passed since Queenie’s first concert at Vagon, the cult club in Prague. The band performed there for the first time on October 7, 2007, and since then they have had shows at this venue with remarkable regularity, almost every month,. During this time, the band has become the most popular one at Vagon in terms of the numbers of visitors, with thousands of people having seen it during hundreds of hours of live music production. Thank you very much for your support, it keeps on motivating us to go on. This project is yours, too ;-)

We are attaching an illustrative collage – there was i.a. a cake from our wonderful fanclub and the Barcelona opera aria sung by the National Theater soprano Petra Alvarez with us.

Queenie are adding another show at the Kalich Theater!

Considering the great interest in our sold out concert at the Kalich Theater in Prague dedicated to the celebration of Freddie Mercury's life, which will take place on November 24, 2017, we have decided to do a nice thing for all those who will not be able to attend this event. For those of you who did not manage to purchase their tickets in time or would like to see this show twice, we are adding another one on December 4, 2017!

On both shows, we will for make début appearances with our Queen-style stage structure; in addition, we are already preparing some bits of Christmas sentiment for our December show. The opera soprano diva Petra Alvarez, soloist of the National Theater, will join as our guest, too.

Queenie performed on this stage, which belongs among the most famous and recognized ones in Prague, for the first time on April 13, 2017, having arrived here with the program of their Forever spring European tour. The concert received great acclaim, and so the band with the frontman Michael Kluch, who also appeared at the Kalich Theater in the main roles in RENT and Touha musicals, is returning here again half a year later.

Tickets available here.

November 24, 2017 event on Facebooku

December 4, 2017 event on Facebooku

Oktobeerfest in Ostrava

On Saturday 14th of October we played our last openair concert in Ostrava's New Karolina forum. We thank all the audience for the amazing atmosphere. So the winter's part of the season was fully launched and you will meet with us already in the clubs and theaters.

Queenie to Belgium with orchestra

The first week of October will Queenie come to Belgium, where several concerts take place with the philharmony orchestra and the choir. On stage will meet over 60 artists and Queen's biggest hits will be heard. Concerts include cities such as Antwerp, Liège, Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels.

Freddie for a Day 2017 at Hard Rock Cafe Prague

On September 5th, 2017 Freddie Mercury would have celebrated his 71st birthday. And as already a tradition, on his birthday each year we hold the so-called Freddie for a Day event, where everyone can contribute. It's been six years since Queenie first organized this charity concert at Hard Rock Cafe Prague – even before Hard Rock Cafe Praha tento charitatvní koncert. Ještě před tím, než Hard Rock Cafe began to support this event worldwide. We are pleased that we can do something for the good cause again and that we will not be alone in this.

You can have your mustache, too! Come to celebrate with us! :-)

The admission fee is voluntary and will be donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust organization. Facebook event here.

Queenie played at Queen Elizabeth II's birthday celebration.

On June 21, 2017 Queenie performed at the official celebration of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. They accepted the invitation from the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Prague.

5th Anniversary of U Krále Václava IV. restaurant – July 27,.2017 – "with orchestra and choir"

Dear audience, this year it will be 5 years since our first appearance at U Krále Václava IV. in the Kunratice Forest in Prague, where we have had concerts every July since. Because of this we have decided to invite to the stage of this Prague summer scene the Czechoslovak Chamber Orchestra Prague, the Maranatha Gospel Choir and the soprano of the National Theater, Mrs. Petra Alvarez,. The concert will take place on July 27, 2017 and it will be the first time we present ourselves this way in Prague. We will play a usual rock concert which will be followed by the orchestral part with the chorus. This is the concept of a concert that we presented to the Brno audience last December in the sold out SONO Center. We believe you this is something you can really look forward to – just like we do.

Facebook event here.

Advance tickets available on Ticketstream.