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A little introduction...

A new issue of the club magazine Red Special 2010

The Czech Queen fan club has released a new issue of the Red Special 2010 magazine for fans. Among other things, it contains an interview with us :-) For more info and orders, visit the website of the fan club FC Tornádo Queen.

Expansion of the guitar fleet by the third VOX AC30

The third VOX has arrived, which means that Queenie finally have the complete set à la Brian May: 3× VOX AC30, with triple booster and effects.

Mam TALENT - Poland

Dear friends, Queenie are departing today in order to participate in the Polish version of the world-renowned contest I Got Talent – Mam TALENT. It is organized under the same TV show license as the show Czechia and Slovakia Got TALENT here was. In Poland, this is already the fourth line of that show and we are curious how much they will differ. We will perform at the Katowice Theater tomorrow – like we played at the National Theater in Prague last summer. Hold your fingers crossed for us, please! :-)

How come at ROXY?

Check out the interview that All TV made with us after our Thursday show at ROXY.

We thank you all for joining. It was a great night!

Freddie Mercury's assistant and QUEENIE starting the cooperation

After our joint show in Týniště nad Orlicí, another cooperation opportunity is here. You can read more at the following site:

The biggest of the big! - ROXY, May 5, 2011

On May 5 at 7:30 pm we will play a show on the big stage at the famous Prague club ROXY. This will be the biggest QUEENIE concert in Prague exceeding even our November performance at Hard Rock Cafe. Besides a mix of different hits of the legendary Queen, we will make a light show with video projection and of course bring our 6000-watt light drum set pedestal. On top of it, after a long time the audience will hear the song BARCELONA with the leading Czech soprano Markéta Mátlová again. WE WILL ROCK YOU! 

Tickets for CZK 150 can be purchased directly at

Facebooku event here.

April 15 with Peter Freeston in Týniště

Týniště nad Orlicí will commemorate the legendary Queen. The memorial evening will be attended by Freddie Mercury's personal assistant Peter Freestone. We have met Peter before, and we look forward to seeing him again.

In addition to Peter's talk and Queenie's show, there will be the screening of a short film from Montreux in Switzerland, where Queen spent a lot of time and where they recorded their last albums. The annual meeting of Queen fans from all over the world also takes place in Montreux – Queenie performed there as the headliner in 2008. Link to the Facebook event here.

Legend Night with HEY Radio 2011!

Great night yesterday in Brno!! Thanks!

Photos from the Legend Night:…dia-hey.html

Pre-semifinal INTERVIEW for the Czechia and Slovakia Got TALENT 2010 blog

Maybe you will learn something new about us :-) The original article can be found here.


Queenie: Everyone coming to the concert should get much more than just the live rendition of studio songs from it

November 13, 2010 | Interview

Today we've had an interview with Michael Kluch as Freddie Mercury in the tribute band Queenie. What can we look forward to in the semifinals? How did this band get together? How did they survive the Big Bang? Read the article to find out this and a lot more.