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Michael Kluch as a guest on Všechnopárty

Lately you could read or watch several dozen interviews with Michael in media of various kinds, and this week he‘s appeared on the Czech Television already twice. After the TV show 168 hodin, he accepted Karel Šíp‘s invitation to the cult talk show Všechnopárty!

This was a slightly different kind of interview – see for yourself in the link below :-)…video/669735

Queen‘s stage came alive in Brno

The crowded Sono hall in Brno witnessed a spectacular concert by Queenie on Friday. During the show, fans could enjoy not only the music, but also a unique stage looking as if it came straight from the set of The Miracle music video by Queen. Thanks to the perfect combination of music and visual components, an amazing atmosphere accompanied the whole concert.

“This year we have already had 150 concerts in 20 countries around the world. The one at Sono was our concert of the year, a sort of summarization. We wanted the audience to receive a unique experience, and it worked out. Two years ago we had a sold-out concert with the Czechoslovak Chamber Orchestra Prague and the Children's Choir Brno here. We wished to bring something new and with this in mind we designed a stage matching the one of Queen to complement the unique performance,” said Michael Kluch, the band's frontman.

The band Queenie – world Queen tribute band represents the absolute top of their genre. More than a thousand spectators could enjoy the proof thereof at the sold-out Sono hall in Brno. The band played a two-hour concert with thunderous unstoppable ovation from the audience. The show was further escalated with the song Barcelona, for which the National Theater soloist Petra Alvarez joined Queenie on stage. Then the fans asked for three more songs. We Will Rock You, Friends Will Be Friends and We Are The Champions were already sung in unison by the whole hall.

The concert had been sold out since the end of summer and because of the ongoing interest the band has decided to do two shows at Sono next year, on December 5th and 6th, 2019. In addition, Queenie will have concerts in other Czech cities and in many places abroad. Besides the spring and autumn Scandinavian tour, the band has accepted a Central American tour invitation that will begin on April 20, 2019 in Costa Rica, exactly 27 years since the commemorative concert honored Freddie Mercury in Wembley, London.

Queenie got main role in a new musical about Freddie

In April this year, the Radek Brzobohatý Theater will present a musical novel called Freddie by the director Karel Janák, inspired by the life story of one of the greatest musical icons of the 20th century that has conquered the whole world with its charisma and unique voice. Speech is about the frontman of the legendary Queen Freddie Mercury, whose genius has brought him to the top of glory, but also on the road to destruction.

Queenie in this newly prepared musical was given the main role. Michael Kluch will perform as Freddie and the rest of the band will perform the rest of the Queen. It will be a completely live musical accompaniment, which is not always a matter of course on the Czech scene, and Queenie will take care of it. In this unique theater show will also perform by Jiří Korn, Rudolf Hrušínský junior, Simona Postlerová and other leading musical actors.

Michael is already performing in another performance about Freddie Mercury. This is the dance musical Freddie: The King of Queen, written by Libor Vaculík with Václav Kopta and Petr Malásek. It is presented in the Theater J.K.Tyl in Pilsen and Michael also performs the role of Mercury. But the new production of Karel Janák is conceived as a musical performance with all the elements that belong to the musical.

The cast of Freddie musical: Freddie – Michael Kluch Manager – Jiří Korn / Ernesto Čekan Journalist – Rudolf Hrušínský junior Brian – Roman Říčař / Roman Tomeš Prenter – Přemysl Pálek / Lukáš Kumpricht Moralist – Simona Postlerová / Tereza Nekudová Mary – Romana Goščíková / Charlotte Doubravová

PREMIERE 14th and 15th April 2018 at Radek Brzobohatý Theater in Prague

Tickets to buy on the websites of Radek Brzobohatý Theater…oar/freddie/

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Queenie again in SONO center in Brno!

After long expectation, this popular music group returns back to the SONO center in Brno to follow up on the sold-out performance two years ago premiered. This year's concert will bear attributes the band's autumn Scandinavian tour. In addition, this time into Brno will Queenie bring the stage design and show in the style of Queen's club concerts, which they called „QUEEN RELIVED“.

Spectators can also look forward to a special guest, such as soprano Petra Alvarez, a soloist of the National Theater.

Event on FB here.

Pre-sale in here.

New Years eve at the biggest European poker casino

On December 31st, 2017 Queenie was performing on the Gala Night to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. For the event, which took place at the biggest European poker casino in Rozvadov, Queenie had taken up the invitation from Karel Vágner and welcomed New Year 2018 alongside the legendary British band Smokie, Czech stars Karel Gott, Michal David or Russian soloist Vadim „Master Kalinka“ Ananev.…a-konte.html

SOLD OUT: Barcelona - Palau de la Música Catalana

For the second time this year Queenie sold out this prestigious concert hall located in the heart of Barcelona. One hundred years old cultural monument of UNESCO was left by 1200 excited spectators with satisfaction on their facec and a promise of another concert.

Queenie awaits in the coming days several more shows in Spain and Portugal.

Great Friday at the Kalich Theater!

On the 24th November 2017, we were pleased with the sold-out performance at the Kalich Theater (Divadlo Kalich) in Prague! Thank you very much for your visit, which we very appreciate because it was exactly 26 years since Freddie Mercury left this world on his way to the musical skies and we could have celebrated together via this concert his life..

We are very happy because we introduced – for the first time – a new concept of the stage inspired by Queen's club concerts that has its own elevation and light wall from which we promise an even greater experience for you. But do not be mistaken – it's a great experience for us too!

We are looking forward to the concert on the 4th December 2017 in the same theater and the new stage will not be missed. For this performance in December we decided to change the dramaturgy and include some other songs, so those, who would like to visit us twice in Kalich, would like to come again. Our guest will be again the soloist of the National Theater – the great soprano Petra Alvarez.

The last few dozen tickets are still available on the Kalich Theater website here.

Facebook event

Queenie in the Czech Radio - the talk show "Tobogan"

On Saturday 25.11. from 11:00 we accepted the invitation of Czech Radio (Český rozhlas) to the live talk show by Aleš Cibulka „Tobogan“. In the show entitled „About the tribute bands – the best ones!“ you will be able to meet our singer Michael Kluch.

The program can be visited live in the studio, but the tickets are sold out. We hope you do not forget to tune us on a Saturday noon ;-)

Breakthrough in Spain

After a successful April visit to Spain, Queenie returns to the southwest of Europe at the end of the year, and together with one gig in Portugal they will perform another 8 concerts.

Web after reconstruction

In the last month our site was under a major renovation. The new design and all the responsive features of were acquired last year, and now has come time comes for its content.

Some language versions have been removed, and the site is now only in English and Czech. We can guarantee the flexibility of the translations on our „Blog“ and, moreover, everything is now 100% translated.

It will certainly be appreciated by fans outside the Czech Republic. Among the other things we like the updated „Queen Interpretation“ section and the flags in the „Concerts“ section :-) Do you like it too?