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Customary charity concert to mark the birthday of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury would celebrate his 70th birthday on September 5, 2016 and it will be already the fourth time we will meet on September 5 at Hard Rock Café in Prague to celebrate the birth and life of this magnificent singer. Once again, moustaches, masks, costumes, and all kinds of Mercury's theme outfits are very welcome :-) Like every year, with this show we are joining the worldwide event „Freddie for a Day“, which takes place at Hard Rock Cafe venues across the planet. After the performance, Queenie autograph session will be held.

The admission is voluntary and will be transferred to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Facebook event here.

10 years of Queenie - unique concert with Czechoslovak Chamber Orchestra Prague and Brno Child Choir

This year, it has been exactly 10 years since the creation of Queenie. Big thanks to all of you who have supported us and helped us make it this far! We are looking forward to meeting you again and because we are happy to have you, we have prepared a unique concert at the premises of the most modern club in the Czech Republic. On December 3, 2016, together with the Czechoslovak Chamber Orchestra Prague and the Brno Children's Choir, we will play a concert of a new dimension at SONO in Brno. You can look forward to a rock show as well as to a somewhat „more serious“ performance.

Tickets available onGoout.

Facebook event.

Michael Kluch on Noční proud (Night Stream) in the Czech Radio

Yesterday's in­terview with our frontman can be heard here.

Live Forever Tour

This year we will visit our Scandinavian audiences again. The spring tour will include Sweden and Norway, while in autumn we will for the first time head to Denmark. But not only the northerners can look forward to experiencing this concert concept – we will also visit Slovakia in October (Košice, Žilina, Bratislava, Nitra).

For more information see Concerts here on the web.

Hard Rock Cafe and launch of a new book about Freddie Mercury!

On December 1st we will hold our traditional charity concert in Prague's Hard Rock Cafe. This year it will be spiced up by the launch of a unique book on Freddie's life, which offers a whole new perspective, called “The Real Story of Freddie Mercury” (“Utajený život” in Czech edition). .

On the stage, guests will join us again and the duet Barcelona won’t be missing either. Admission voluntary (all collected admissions will be transferred to the Freddie For A Day a.k.a. Mercury Phoenix Trust).

Facebook event here.

Queenie in Snídaně s Novou (Breakfast with Nova)

On May 27, 2015 Queenie got up early to participate in the program Snídaně s Novou. Apart from being guests ourselves, we invited the soprano Markéta Mátlová, with whom we played the aria of Barcelona. You can check it out below. For more videos from Snídaně s Novou, please visit our youtube channel.

Winter / Spring 2015 - Scandinavia

Yesterday, we started the most demanding part of our current Scandinavian tour. After Finland and Norway we are going to spend 2 weeks in Sweden, with a total of 8 concerts.

First city conquered! It is the oldest Viking town of Västerås. You can check out what they wrote about us on the following link:…-queenkopior

Among other things, we will play in the university town of Uppsala, where the show will include the entirely unique Barcelona duet. The popular Swedish singer Elisabeth Wanngård will be our guest. An interesting fact is that the concert will be held in the local auditorium for 1,800 people where it will be the first rock concert since Led Zeppelin‘s show on March 15, 1969. This classical concert hall hosted i.a. Pope John Paul II.

edit 23.3.2015 16.19:

Beautiful report from the show in Jönköping:…g-av-queenie

Michael Kluch for the biggest Czech musical server

Our singer Michael Kluch talked about himself and more with

„First of all, I would like to say that we do not even call our project a tribute band. What we do is a musical theater. We have authentic instruments, we play the songs in their original tones, we wear period costumes and on the stage every member has his role. It is not an imitation, we just play Queen. I dare to say that thanks to such a philosophy we are successful and I can thus also state exactly the opposite – thanks to my band I am free, not only because the band is my primary source of income, but also because I do what I really enjoy and I can choose what I'm going to enjoy next. As I have already hinted, money has never been the main priority to us. If you are going into something with pure energy, the rest just accumulates on top of it. We are absolutely independent, no one has made us, we ourselves are our masters and that's what I enjoy so much.“ 

You can read the entire interview here:…vna-v-kapse/

Queenie will perform at the O2 Arena after the legendary Queen!

It's a bit crazy and that's why the tabloid title. Today we will play at the O2 Arena „together“ with Queen + Adam Lambert… Immediately after the Queen+AL show, ours will start as the opening and also as the afterparty of the new Premier Club. Let us entertain you!

All the best, Dominik!

Usually, we do not write much about private and VIP shows, we usually do not even mention them here. Still, we play about 100 concerts a year, of which a great part consists of the concerts for TOP clients. But first of all, we would like to thank you all for the beautiful atmosphere in Vagon on Thursday! After that, on Friday evening, we played at Pepsi party in Prague, then we were honored to participate in the birthday celebration of NHL goalkeeper Dominik Hašek on Saturday, and next week a TV Nova party is waiting for us. But back to Vagon… We really appreciate your visits to this already cult Prague club and after the recently included Living On My Own, as well as the current addition of the Scandal song (for the first time with Rudy Neumann), we are going to do more! Send us your preferences :-)