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'70s and' 80s of Queen at VAGON

Since we have more than 60 Queen songs in the repertoire, we always feel a bit sorry that we cannot play everything and that sometimes it is impossible fit songs into the playlist at the expense of other hits. That's why we have decided to do TWO shows at Vagon in June, Friday to be dedicated to the songs from the seventies and Saturday to the songs from the eighties. It will be the first time we do something like this. Come join us for this.

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The legend of QUEEN in word and music – June 14th, Olomouc

The band Queenie brings to Olomouc, in addition to their show, the personal secretary of the rock legend Freddie Mercury. Mr. Peter Freestone took care of the frontman of the legendary Queen for 12 years and was with him until his death. Spectators will thus have an exclusive opportunity to be in direct contact with rock history through the words of Mr. Peter Freestone and the authentic music by Queenie, the leading European tribute.

The performance will take place on June 14, 2013 in the Metropol cinema in Olomouc. Advance tickets are available here.

TV Prima's VIP News

On February 20, 2013 a Queenie report was broadcast on the TV Prima 's VIP News show. The team surprised us at our concert at Vagon club in Prague. You can see it here: 

The whole program can be found here:…a/318253/all

Queenie at the National Theater at the event of SC Slavia Praha's 120-year anniversary

This Sunday, the band will play at the National Theater at the gala show for SC Slavia Praha, which celebrates its 120th anniversary. The whole evening will be filmed by the Czech Television and you will be able to watch it on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 20:00 on ČT Sport. Queenie appears as the golden star at the end of the show.

edit January 28, 2013:

„It was a really busy program. We were most impressed by the 93-year-old Standa Procházka (the author of "Eternal Slavie“ hymn) with his incredible energy and sense of humor, as well as by the moderator Leoš Mares. The PIRATE SWING band together with Jirka Ševčík and Ondřej Havelka Melody Makers, as well as Michal David performed too. And the rest? You will see for yourselves :-)"…471291129003

Happy New Year!

Friends, we wish you to have a great time today and enter 2013 full of positive energy and ideas :-) In this photo we „pose“ with a banner, which some of you have prepared as a surprise for us! We'll make sure we’ll also give you some nice surprises in return! Thank you, stay well ;-) 

Christmas in Košice

Thank you, Košice audience, for the awesome reception! Yesterday's concert was great and our thanks also belong to the organizers. Enjoy a beautiful and relaxed Christmas! 

December 1 – World AIDS Day

Today is December 1, 2012 – the month os December is beginning, which means that, besides the celebration of lighting of the Christmas tree in Prague on the Old Town Square, the World AIDS Day dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS also takes place. If you wish, join us and contribute to the activities of the Czech AIDS Help Society, civic association, with a donor SMS in the format „DMS (space) AIDSPOMOC“ to 87 777 at the price of CZK 30 (including VAT) or „DMS (space) ROK (space) AIDSPOMOC“ to the number 87 777. The price in case of the latter is 12 × CZK 30 (including VAT). Let's not forget what Freddie Mercury died from.

Revolution in our monitoring system

Today we have started a new technological revolution in our band. We no longer enjoy being dependent, so we have decided to stand alone! :-) What we are talking about is the monitoring system, something very important for every musician, because thanks to it the performer hears what he and his colleagues are playing on the stage.

Queenie celebrating their 5-year anniversary at Vagon

After the September break we are back at Vagon again, and mind you, this will be a special event to mark our anniversary – 5 years of playing in this cult Prague club. As a special guest, our friend and excellent musician/dramaturge Filip Tailor will perform with us! And what can you look forward to? In addition to many songs that you have already heard in our interpretation, the compositions White Queen, Millionaire Waltz and others will be played. Let us surprise you ;-) Facebook event


A little something (not only) about ourSunday performance in Ještěd: Queenie have donated the proceeds from their album launch to AIDS patients