Concerts at the O2 Arena now in September!

Thanks to the announced release of the government measures, QUEEN RELIVED will take place in Prague's O2 Arena on 3rd, 4th and 5th September in its full and originally planned scope.

We can't tell you how happy we are that after a year and a half, we and you will finally get to see the concerts! What's more, the O2 arena will open its doors with our concerts.

The tickets from 15/05/2020 (respectively from 11/09/2020) are valid for the date 03/09/2021

The tickets from 16/05/2020 (respectively from 12/09/2020) are valid for the date 04/09/2021

The tickets from 21/12/2020 are valid for the date 05/09/2021

According to the latest regulations, the organisers of cultural events have the opportunity to completely fill the audience capacity. Of course, subject to certain measures, which you already know and have worked within our UNIVERSUM Tour – these will not change:

  • maximum 7 days old PCR test with negative result
  • a maximum 72-hour old antigen test with a negative result
  • a certificate or written confirmation of covid-19 vaccination provided that at least 14 days have passed since the completion of the vaccination schedule
  • laboratory confirmation of the presence of covid-19 disease within the past 180 days

As far as the 50% vaccinated to tested ratio is concerned, you don't have to worry about not getting into the concert. The overall capacity of the hall has a large reserve for these ratios and all audience members who have purchased or have yet to purchase a ticket will be able to fit into the concerts.

So find your tickets and get there. And if you don't have a ticket yet, buy one and come too.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON!…D-by-Queenie…enky/1066462

Online concert The Show Must Go Home!

The fans of the Queenie music band with frontman Michael Kluch are about to enjoy a surprise –a spectacular online concert on Friday, 9 April 2021, 7 p.m. The band will utilize a unique visual stage set, including shots from a bird’s eye view. They promise a show unparalleled in the entire Czech online environment.Queenie have chosen a rather fitting name for this occasion: The Show Must Go Home; a slightly altered version of the name of the song The Show Must Go On written by Freddie Mercury and Queen. It is this legendary British band that Queenie pays tribute to with their concert shows and whose music they share with younger generations.

The online show is being prepared in reaction to the inquiries of fans missing live culture. „We have been living under strict restrictions for an entire year, and the end is still nowhere in sight. It is not only our favourite meeting places that are getting covered in dust, but also our souls. This is why we have heard the pleas of our fans and would thus like to add a spark of colour to their current grey daily routines,“ says Queenie frontman Michael Kluch about the circumstances of the online concert, and he adds: „The show must go on. And we want to make something very clear –life goes on, too! We still have a lot to look forward to, to live for. This is how we see it, anyway. We would like to support those who have given into sadness and exhaustion.“ At the same time, Queenie are very much aware of the non-transferability of a live concert and the atmosphere of small clubs as well as big arenas into a home environment. For this reason, the band has decided to approach the show differently and to offer their fans an experience they are not likely to get at a normal live concert.

On Stage and Backstage
It is not Queenie’s intention to hold a common musical stream consisting of a playlist only. TheShow Must Go Home offers an original approach to online concert-making that will transfer the spectator directly onto the stage. „We have decided to build a part of our stage from our future Queen Relived show for one evening and to create an online show with a spectacular visual stage set,“ says Michael Kluch, and he continues: "Those of you who had purchased a ticket to one of the O2 Arena concerts, fear not! This concert is going to be quite different. We are about to experience a different playlist, different costumes, different surprises. We are simply going to make use of a part of our stage in order to perform our vision of a 21st-century concert experience –albeit in an online form.

The online environment may not provide the spectators with a live concert atmosphere; it will, nevertheless, allow them to imagine themselves on the stage as if during a live concert, and to enjoy Queenie as if the band played in their homes. In order to achieve this impression, we employ twelve cameras shooting the stage and the band members from all angles, as well as from a bird’s eye view. Apart from Queen’sfamous songs performed in original arrangements and keys, the spectators will also enjoy a tour of the backstage that is commonly unavailable to the public. They will get a unique chance to take a peek at the preparations for the show. They will be able to view the entire stage and its construction process. They will get to know the crew who handle everything, and observe sound and lighting technicians during their work. And, of course, they will be allowed to take a sneak peek at the band’s changin­g room.

The Show Must Go Home will be unique in all aspects. I would venture to say that in the Czech online environment, a similar show is a completely unprecedented occurrence. The stage on which we will play is larger than normal live concerts. Despite the fact that it isan online streaming event, we want to be completely authentic and perfect to a tee –as if it were a live concert. As usual, no detail is too small, we try to exceed the already high standards,“ says Michael Kluch on the promised extraordinary experience.

Experience it all without the need to leave the comfort and safety of your home.
Put simply: The Show Must Go Home!

When: Friday 9th April 2021, at 7:00 PM
Where: online
FB event:…396351025385 

GoOut –…ieonlineshow
smsticket –…eonlineshow2
Ticketmaster –…eonlineshow4
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Queen Relived will not take place in September nor in December

In exactly 8 days, the world premiere of the mega show Queen Relived by Queenie of the band Queenie led by Michael Kluch was supposed to take place at O2 Arena in Prague. Up until now, despite the complicated limitations related to the coronavirus, things looked very promising. But after all, the producer, organizing team and representatives of the arena were forced to cancel these shows in both September and December! We have agreed with O2 Arena that the new dates for all three concerts will be set in exactly one year from today, namely on September 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2021.)

In the past weeks, we have had numerous and very demanding meetings with the representatives of O2 Arena, the Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic and the Prime Minister. After the presentation of detailed safety measures, everyone was willing to allow this absolutely unique show, which had already had to be rescheduled from spring, to happen this time. Thanks to the fact that the arena offers spacious premises, many entrances and separated sectors, 44-meter high ceilings and air conditioning system with the option of use without the internal circuit, we were able to propose a really safe way of organizing our performances.

The approved security measures regarding separation of the audience into sectors for up to 400 people, providing proper entrances and separating them from the staff allowed us to achieve the required attendance. But unlike at other events, there can be no standing audience during a music production. „We have 5000 people with standing-room tickets in two days and we do not want to disappoint them. We would have to arrange seats right in the floor area for 3000 of them, move some into different seated sections and send the rest home, and we really cannot do that. It would not be ethical, and neither would be seating the audience in the first rows in front of the 2-meter high stage, not to mention that a large part of our show would take place on the bridges in the center of the hall – that is, behind them. Even the compromise suggestion of dividing the standing audience into six separate groups, with a separate entrance into the hall and to the respective area for each group, did not pass. We really can't accept the option without the standing part of the audience. As even after Tuesday's meeting of the Security Council nor after the the Prime Minister’s in­tercession we were not allowed to have at least part of the audience in the standing section, we, together with the O2 Arena representatives, have decided to postpone the concerts to the aforementioned new dates,“ explains Michael Kluch, the frontman of Queenie.

Holders of tickets for May 15th, 2020 (September 11th, 2020) will enjoy the premiere of the show on September 3rd, 2021, holders of tickets for May 16th, 2020 (September 12th, 2020) will see the concert on September 4th, 2021 and holders of tickets for December 21st, 2020 will come to the show on September 5th, 2021.

We kindly ask the audience to understand the situation, which we are not to blame for, and to remain tolerant. All other detailed information will be published on FB, IG and the website, as well as on the website of O2 Arena. Thank you for your patience and support, which we greatly appreciate, and thank you also for all the positive feedback. It means a lot to us,“ add the frontman Michael Kluch and the band Queenie, producer Martin Zoubek, and the team of O2 Arena.

Amazing news: a World Tour offer!

During the „floating“ press conference on the Vltava river aboard the Bohemia Rhapsody boat provided by Prague Boats, the band QUEENIE announced, among other things, the amazing news: as the first Czech band ever, they have received a prestigious offer to make a World Tour in large concert halls in 2022.

The show Queen Relived by Queenie had been prepared for a world tour since the beginning. Already during the creation stage, the production & organization team offered this show to the world's largest promoters and invited them to the concert at O2 Arena.

"We are already in touch with some seriously interested parties who would like to see the show first, but a promoter from South Korea decided not to wait and proposed the purchase of 12 to 16 performances in 2022, with continuation of the series of concerts in the coming years. After several months of negotiations, last week we signed a contract with this promoter!

Currently, we know that the concerts will take place in large halls in South Korea with regional overlap and will have the format of major international stars‘ shows. Thus they will be consistent with the concept which we will present at the premiere at O2 Arena in Prague. The dates and exact locations will be confirmed later. Due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis, the promoter in South Korea does not yet know whether it will be possible to start the tour already in spring or in autumn 2022. Meanwhile, negotiations with interested prominent promoters from Europe and other regions are underway too,“ shared the executive producer of the project Martin Zoubek.

"We are very much looking forward to enjoying the show at O2 Arena with our fans, as despite being constantly involved in all the preparations, even we still can't fully imagine what the audience will experience there in September and December. It will be a unique show with an incredible stage, a huge screen and the light, audiovisual and pyrotechnic effects of the Hollywood format,“ says the frontman of the band QUEENIE Michael Kluch happily.

The first two concerts (rescheduled for September) were sold out within a quarter of a year and, as stated by O2 Arena, QUEENIE is the first Czech performer to sell them out to the very last available ticket.

The scene itself amazes even with the numbers alone. The dimensions of the stage are: 21 meters in height, 55 meters in length and 33 meters at its widest point. The equipment and pre-made parts of the stage and decorations will be transported by 28 trucks. During the first time, it will take over 40 hours to build the platform, but at the following concerts everything should be put together in less than a day. The author of the whole construction is the show designer Martin Hruška, who is one of the twenty most sought-after show designers in the world. The light effects of the entire spectacular show are responsibility of the light designer Lukáš Patzenhauer, who is already now with Queenie on their summer tour.

The author of the band's costumes for this project is the famous costume designer Roman Šolc.

More than twenty people and about ten different suppliers with hundreds of employees work together to prepare and create the show. The installation and uninstallation of the stage alone and work during the concerts will involve more than 300 other people of various professions.

For more illustrations expand the article.

The summer tour will be!

After the unplanned „holidays“ we are going back to the stages and we will definitely not be modest. We are already preparing several of our own concerts in July and in August we will meet you on a planned open air tour „Under the open sky“.

This spring was complicated due to the emergency situation, but life is returning to normal and also we are going back to the stages.

Right from the 5th of July we will perform in Turnov, on the 15th of July we will start a successful tour from the last year „Under the open sky“, symbolically on the last venue of the last year's tour in Jindřichův Hradec.

On the 17th of July, we will meet you at the Prague Exhibition Grounds in the beautiful Lucerna Music Bar Open Air complex, where we plan to try some songs planned for the QUEEN RELIVED concerts at the O2 arena. Come test them with us, we are interested in your feedback! :-)

On tje 20th of July we will perform in Český Krumlov and on the 31st of July in Mikulov will start the month on the tour „Under the open sky“.

In this year's tour, in addition to music, we will also bring you our „The Miracle stage“, the stage with scenery inspired by the clip The Miracle of the band Queen. It will be the first time that we will present this unique stage to a wider audience outside Brno, where we exclusively showed it in the SONO music club.

For more information about the concerts, the admission, etc., please visit the Concerts. section of our website.

We are looking forward to you!

Queen Relived postponed from May to September

Statement by the Queen Relived 2020 organizers on postponement of the concerts with regard to the government regulation:

Unfortunately, in view of the government's de­cision prohibiting all events until further notice, our concerts cannot happen on the original scheduled dates of May 15 and 16, 2020. Moreover, our foreign suppliers cannot deliver their technologies for the rehearsals, without which the show cannot be prepared now. The decision to change the dates of our concerts is therefore the only possible solution. Queen Relived 2020 by Queenie will take place on September 11 and 12, 2020. All previously purchased tickets remain valid for the new dates and do not need to be replaced – the tickets for Friday, May 15, 2020, will now be valid for Friday, September 11, 2020, and the tickets for Saturday, May 16, 2020, will apply for Saturday, September 12, 2020, respectively. The date of our concert on December 21, 2020 remains unchanged.

We are all upset and sorry about these complications, but we still hope that you will support us and we will enjoy the concerts all together. The Queen Relived team

The third QUEEN RELIVED concert will take place in December!

Dear fans,

we are very happy that we have one very fresh news for you. It is incredible how much interest in our show is! Both May dates of our concerts in O2 arena Prague are hopelessly sold out, so we decided to add a third term!

The first appropriate date is in December, so we will repeat QUEEN RELIVED by Queenie on December 21, 2020, again in one of the largest European arenas – O2 arena.

Tickets will be available from March 3 at 10am in Ticketmaster and Ticketportal. Come with us to experience the time in which Freddie Mercury captivated the whole world from the concert stages. We really appreciate your interest and we are looking forward to everyone! Thank you!

Partnery akce:

O2 arena
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May and Taylor signed a certificate for Queenie

This May, Queenie had a great honor to accept Leoš Mareš‘s invitation to play on the stage of O2 Arena as his guests. At each of the three sold out mega concerts Queenie made a performance mapping the legendary charity show by Queen at Live AID in Wembley in 1985.

We got a great opportunity to try a super big stage. This was very useful for us, for at that time we had already had our own concerts at O2 Arena in preparation. It was a big commitment, Leoš is awesome and we couldn't afford doing something wrong,” says the band unanimously. “Since Live AID was a charity concert, we decided to donate the fee to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. It was founded after Mercury's death by the remaining Queen members and helps to fight HIV/AIDS worldwide,” adds the frontman Michael Kluch.

However, a big surprise came in December, when the band received a certificate of their donation signed by Brian May and Roger Taylor. “It made us very happy! We did not expect this at all, we were not even aware that any such certificates were ever granted. We support Freddie for a Day every year, and this time, since we were playing Live AID, there was no doubt about maintaining the charitable nature of the show. We just sent a few crowns and didn't think about it any further.”

Radio Ga Ga from the performance at Leoš Mareš‘s show:

More photos inside the article.

We are adding the second concert at O2 Arena – May 16, 2020!

That's right! You yourselves have convinced us that all of you cannot fit into just one hall, so we have added the second show the day after the first one.

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, there will be the second QUEEN RELIVED by Queenie concert, which will bring you back to the days when Freddie Mercury captivated the whole world from the concert stages.

The music of the famous Queen with their legendary frontman will return on stage through the successful band QUEENIE, which is considered one of the best tribute bands in the world. Live and in original tunes, they will play their precise show in the second biggest concert hall in Europe.

In cooperation with the show & stage designer Martin Hruška, who has worked on projects for e.g. Leoš Mareš, Marpo, Lucie and even Madonna, the music of Queen will come to life again on the pompous stage worthy of Freddie Mercury himself. Do not miss the QUEEN RELIVED world tour premiere and experience the atmosphere of a concert of the biggest band of the Eighties.

Tickets are available on the Ticketportal and Ticketmaster network in the price range from 990 CZK to 1890 CZK.

Partners of the event:

O2 arena
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Freddie Mercury will come back to life at O2 Arena during the Queen Relived show

Fans of one of the greatest music bands of all the time, Queen, can look forward to a big event. On May 15, 2020, the concert show named Queen Relived will take place at O2 Arena in Prague, commemorating the glory of the band that changed the course of rock music history. Popular hits of the British icon will be played by the Czech band Queenie, which is considered one of the best tribute bands in the world. The music experience will be supported by an impressive light and multimedia show. Concert tickets will become available in the coming days.

The whole concert show will be a celebration and a commemoration of the famous band. “With this concert, we want to create an atmosphere which the audience would experience at a real concert with Freddie Mercury. We decided to create a stage worthy of concerts of the world's biggest bands,” says Martin Zoubek on behalf of the organizing agency.

Famous songs, which are still aired by radio stations worldwide, will be played by the Czech band Queenie. It is one of the most successful and recognized tribute groups ever. They play the songs of Queen in authentic arrangements and costumes, and play them like no one else. The band Queenie was formed thirteen years ago and since then has had over 1 200 concerts, one fourth of them abroad, including several tours e.g. in Scandinavia or Belgium, a show in Vietnam, a performance at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, where Queen played in the Eighties, and concerts at the birthday celebration of the British Queen Elizabeth II or of Dominik Hašek.

“We have state-of-the-art equipment, lights and large screens. It will be the biggest concert ever performed in our „tribute“ genre. We have involved the show and stage designer Martin Hruška, who is a worldwide recognized professional and who in the past worked for the biggest stars, including Madonna,” says Michael Kluch, frontman of the band, whose portrayal of Freddie Mercury can give the goosebumps to the audience.

The show has big ambitions. In the future, the band plans to go on a European and world tour with it to further spread the legacy of the legendary Queen. With a bombastic stage design and songs in their original arrangements and tunes – which is nearly impossible, considering Mercury's phe­nomenal vocal range – this is a plan that must work out.

Hruška's ambitious scene design for the upcoming Queen Relived show features not only a giant stage but also a „bridge“ in the form of two long arrows stretching through the entire hall. Thanks to that, the audience will have the musicians practically within arm‘s reach. The lighting design of the concert will make use of the latest technologies and methods.

Queen Relived show will take place at O2 Arena in Prague on May 15, 2020. Tickets will be available from September 11, 2019 on the Ticketportal network in the price range from 990 CZK to 1 890 CZK.