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A musical about Freddie Mercury is in the making – and our singer is there!

The idea inspired by Freddie Mercury's life and music was born in the J.K.Tyl Theater in Pilsen. YES! A dance musical that features the life and career of this rock legend is about to appear in the Czech Republic. A top class and well-known trio Libor Vaculík – Petr Malásek – Václav Kopta is involved in its creation. The lead role will be played by our singer Michael Kluch, whose dance counterpart will be the soloist of Pilsner ballet Richard Ševčík.

Fourteen years after the premiere of his most successful opus – Edith, the Sparrow from the Suburbs – which is still on the Pilsen Theater's reper­toire, Libor Vaculík has worked applying the same principles and cooperating with a a well-known authoring team on the story of this legend from the 1980s, the leading character of one of the most famous rock formations, Queen. Retrospectively composed musical-dance drama at the beginning brings Freddie Mercury's at the very end of his days on the stage so that the whole story of the ending life, with all its ups and downs, unfolds before his already inward-oriented vision.

The musical basis for the librettist, choreographer and director Libor Vaculík was a collage of the works of Queen, Arvo Pärt and Petr Malásek. The author of the song lyrics is Václav Kopta, the scene was created by Martin Černý, the costume design is taken care of by Roman Šolc.

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World premiere on March 15, 2014 at the Chamber Theater. http://www.djkt-plzen.cz/…/2014/balet/#…

After RENT, RENT and Touha (Desire)

In the summer of 2013, Michael appeared playing the role of the HIV-positive musician Roger Davis in the famous Broadway musical RENT, which had a Czech premiere on August 8th at the Na Prádle Theater in Prague. The musical had a great success with the Czech audience, so RENT, created in collaboration between Steve Josephson and Mirjam Landa, returns with the almost unchanged team to the Prague Kalich Theater on the 15th of March.

In addition to RENT, Michael was offered the lead role of Benedict Berousek in the Touha (Desire) musical arranged by Mirjam and Daniel Landa, which will also return to the stage of the above-mentioned theater. The new premiere can be enjoyed already on February 6, 2014! Desire is a miracle, buddy ;-)


Michael Kluch in the cult musical RENT!

Our singer, Michael Kluch, has received a part in the award-winning Broadway musical RENT, which premieres in August in Prague. Michael, among others, appears in the lead role of Roger Davis. Do not miss this!

Tickets with a discount of CZK 200 are available for purchase at this link www.ticketstre­am.cz http://www.rent-muzikal.com/

95% rating on iDnes: http://kultura.idnes.cz


Tribute band? It's not supposed to be about tracksuits and songs two tones below

Do you readi the newspapers? In the cultural insert of the Saturday edition of Pražský Deník daily you could find a two-page interview with Queen's frontman Michael Kluch talking not only of the big Wednesday concert at Hard Rock Cafe, where Queenie will launch their first DVD…

Photo Dimír Šťastný

Interview here: prazsky.denik.cz